This Is Nevturiel

Hey Internet! Welcome to my little hole-in-the-wall blog. I’m Katie, or Nevturiel. It’s been my username for 15 years now so if you see Nevturiel somewhere else online, it’s probably me. Except on Instagram, where someone got it before I downloaded the app and she won’t give it back. You can still find me there as @nevy_dearest. I got the name from a Tolkien name generator on The Barrow-Downs.

I live in small town Arkansas with my husband and two children, Conrad and Fiona. They are the best kids a parent could ask for. Seriously. All the other kids are running for second place. My husband, Mark, is pretty great too. We will have been married for ten years this December. I’m pretty luck to have found someone who will put up with my nonsense so young in life.

I’ve always lived in Arkansas, except for the two years that we lived in Columbia, Missouri, while MarkĀ got his Master’s. Moving up there was scary and difficult, but not nearly as difficult as it was to come back to Arkansas when he was finished. It is still my favorite place that we’ve lived.

We are both music teachers in small schools, so obviously I will talk about music from time to time, but I won’t talk about work. I like where I am and I’d like to stay there, and that’s really all you need to know.

Our family is a gaming family. Mark has been playing video games since he was very small, but I was more sheltered from them growing up. My parents thought that console games made kids violent, but computer games were educational. I have many memories of staying up late trying to play through the human campaign in Warcraft II, idly clicking around in Myst (I still haven’t beaten that game, to my shame) and psyching myself up to play Alone in the Dark. My favorite game was a platformer called Claw about a pirate cat who was collecting the gems to complete the Amulet of Nine Lives.

Besides video games, we enjoy the standard geek entertainment: tabletop games, sci-fi and fantasy, anime, and more. I love to make things from my favorite fandoms, and can’t wait to start posting them here.

I hope to inspire anyone who happens to read my blog and I hope to make some friends along the way!


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