Being a music teacher at a concert 

It’s hard to listen to music as a music teacher and not critique it. Maybe that’s not true for everybody, but it’s definitely true for me and my husband. Once we went to a Cardinals game with some friends, and Mark and I were giving our opinions on the Star Spangled Banner as soon as the microphone was away from her face. I suppose that annoyed our friend, who asked, “can you not turn that off?”

Last night we went to a concert last night with my parents and my sister’s family. We knew nothing about the band except that my family loved them. Our tastes usually line up so I figured we would like the band, but I had this anxiety that I would hate it and I’d be listening to the music with a smile like you wear when you want people to believe that things are fine, when actually they are not fine at all. (We actually had a great time and even bought a CD before we left.)

Watching concerts as a music teacher is much different than watching it as a non-musician. When you spend your working hours listening to music thinking “How can I make this better?” it’s a little hard to shut it off when you’re listening to music during your personal time.

So here are some things that I’ve thought as a music teacher at a concert, and I bet other music teachers have thought some of these too: 

  • That’s not the right way to handle that instrument. 
  • Oh no I’ve forgotten my earplugs.
  • Now we’re clapping on the beat … the thing that I’ve already been doing all day today…
  • No guys, THIS is the beat. 
  • *imitates and over exaggerates the singer’s diction* 
  • Vocal fatigue is starting to settle in – must be the halfway point of the evening.
  • They really didn’t consider ______________ when they were planning their set list. 
  • Man, I wish I had a stage crew.
  • Okay, last song! Get hype! 
  • Oh cool, encore. 
  • Oh … cool. Encore. 
  • Guys what are you doing. 
  • No,  stop.
  • … That’s it? What about an encore

Bonus: What an amateur photographer thinks about instead of listening. 

Shoot! I wish I had my good camera … and that I was another 4+ inches taller…



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