At Conrad’s preschool (which he calls “pretty school” because he is the most precious boy ever) there are these big rocks, and on these rocks are usually some fuzzy caterpillars.

When you’re a crafty person, and your kid is being especially adorable about something, you tend to want to make things to encourage more adorableness. 

Like knitting a fuzzy caterpillar. 

All I did was knit an I-cord around a pipe cleaner with eyelash yarn, but it turned out to be a little fiddly to knit. While I intended to make him a few caterpillars of different sizes … well, that’s probably not going to happen. And I’m probably going to take my time getting started on a replacement if he loses this one. 

Although, it is heartbreakingly sweet whenever he calls the caterpillars his “pretty widdle darwings” so making him an army of caterpillars does sound pretty tempting, if only to hear him say it over and over again. 

Oh my sweet boy. Please, stay this precious for a long time.


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